MESO-Rx article on the prevalence and causes of gynecomastia

For MESO-Rx I've written an article about gynecomastia. Herein I will cover how often it is estimated to occur in AAS users, as well as boys and adults who don't use anabolic steroids. The results might surprise you: it's likely more common that you thought in non AAS users, and, ironically, it's a probably a lot less common during AAS usage as you might have expected. I then follow up with a discussion about the hormonal causes of gynecomastia, touching on androgens, estrogens, prolactin and progesterone. An extensive follow-up article with treatment modalities is likely to be published somewhere next week on MESO-Rx, so stay tuned.

Read the full article Gynecomastia: What the Literature Says About Prevalence and Hormonal Causes".